Brands that Make Smartphones Make You Call

Can you imagine that Turkey and brands enter the smartphone market exceeding himself in the art world? We have compiled such brands for you that if each had different features, you would want to sell the house and buy these smartphones.

It is among those known that world-renowned technology giants have made horizontal transitions to many sectors. “Yahu are actually these smart phone Have you ever said “we use it while producing”?

There are such names especially among the brands that stand out in their sectors that they have the reputation to sell whatever they produce, let alone smartphones. It’s no joke, Featured among these brands from Turkey in var. In this list, we both describe those brands and answer what it would be like if they produced smartphones.

Brands That Make You Call Against Smartphones

  • Tesla
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Nvidia
  • Adobe
  • Aselsan
  • Backhoe
  • Starlink
  • Fiat
  • Eczacibasi
  • BMC
  • Tofaş

Tesla: Fast and long charging time:

tesla smart phone

If anyone does not know about Tesla’s achievements in the automotive and energy industry, please raise your hand in the comments. Can you imagine how shaken the smartphone world, especially with its “solar energy panel feature tiles”?

“Never let your phone run out of charge! Free recharge all day! ” Your Tesla phones with solar panels are also fast. Of course, with Tesla’s perfect design, you can leave your BMW key, Wallet and Tesla brand phone on the table in the cafe.

IBM: The first and last smartphone brand

ibm smart phone

Did you know that IBM made the world’s first smartphone called Simon? Perhaps it is time to build Simon V2. The phone made with Mitsubishi Electric did not hold so much that it entered production on August 16, 1994 and was taken off the market in February 1995. If you ask us, like IBM’s Revenge of the Sith movie came out of nowhere and released Simon V2 and the market was the last smart phone brand must be.


World’s First Smartphone 15 Years Before iPhone: Simon

Intel: Experience in the world of computers on mobile


Imagine Intel, the legendary name of the processor market, launching a phone. Wouldn’t it be like a workstation or a game monster? Can you imagine how we will race to buy the next generation of the same phone every year?

Intel, which has been trying to enter the smartphone market with its own name for years, still has not finished the process. Of course, “I’m an Intellectual Brother!” You can enter an Intel vs Qualcomm fight with your friends who say. We don’t get involved.

Nvidia: Stop FPS drops in mobile games!


If Nvidia, the king of the graphics card market, produced a smartphone, it would be the only brand of gaming and video enthusiasts. Smartphone brands It is very nice to even dream of Nvidia, which can be the most important name in the game.

Imagine you have a smartphone, it’s been over four years. Now it started to grow, FPS drops started “ÇAAAAAAAAT!” You do OC, it continues to fire for at least 1 more year. Ahh, by the way, it may be a preferable phone brand among Ethereum miners.

Adobe: Would you like to rent a phone? Also with all graphic software!

As is known in the last period licenses “with annual lease“Would Adobe’s phones, which took the market by storm, be rented? (Specify in the comments)

The most important feature of Adobe smartphones, which we think will have preferable features for graphic design and video editors “Hardware components” will be. Especially pen models can be rented at incredible prices.

Aselsan: Safe, sound and domestic goods


Afraid of Mark Zukerbeg reading your Whatsapp conversations? Are you worried that your smartphone will fall out of your pocket while traveling on a mountain slope? With Aselsan ASV1, all of your fears are in vain! Aselsan ASV1 does not listen, cannot be broken, when necessary, it explodes itself for you and defeats your enemies.

The robustness and excellence of the ammunition and smart technologies produced by Aselsan are definitely not open to discussion, but would they have been used if they had produced a smart phone? It was definitely used. Maybe AnTuTu benchmark It would not give tremendous performance in its tests, but we think it would give great performance especially for outdoor lovers.


What Happened to Our First National Mobile Phone Produced 23 Years Ago?

Backhoe: What would happen if a brand in white goods reaching Europe was in our pocket?

backhoe phone

Turkey’s most preferred household appliances, did not produce a phone that can sync with all household Beko would have been nice for how long? We do not know if Beko produces smart phones, but using the motto “Health for Your Home” as “Health in Your Pocket” would be a separate legend (it goes wherever you take it in Turkish).

Starlink: No GSM, only uninterrupted internet connection

starlink phone

  • 100% satellite synchronization
  • Communication over the internet without the need for GSM
  • Uninterrupted and stable internet
  • Space design
  • Round-trip ticket to Mars for 2 people per month by raffle
  • Do not send a notification to watch from the balcony while passing Starlink satellites

If Starlink produces a smart phone, would you please reserve your place among the first users? In fact, we are waiting for a Starlink smart phone after Starlink modems come out.


SpaceX Announces that the Starlink User Count exceeded 10,000

Fiat: Smart phone with smart barbecue application

fiat smart phone

Would you like to rent a “fleet” of telephone to your company’s staff? Tradesman and corporate friendly With Fiat smartphones your negotiations never end. Do not miss Fiat smartphones with good quality and cheap prices. You may be frustrated while reading this, but wouldn’t it really be the ad campaign?

Eczacıbaşı: No water, no soap, the world’s most hygienic smartphone


Imagine how much business sterilizing smartphones will do, especially during the pandemic period. Healthy smartphones that do not keep bacteria on them. It would be legendary to be able to work synchronously with Vitra and Artema products in your home. Imagine smart shower heads connected to your smartphone: Set the temperature, take a clean shower without burning soap in your eyes.

BMC: Another domestic smartphone that will teach the world about durability

solid phone

Wouldn’t it be a great smartphone especially for those who work in the field and heavy work? It works in direct integration with BMC brand trucks, buses and all other heavy vehicles and is even an important part of this ecosystem.


  • High battery capacity
  • Anytime, anywhere, unconditionally
  • Direct satellite communication integration
  • Coil entegrasonu
  • Neon flash
  • One-touch exhaust shutdown
  • Auto sidestep when shaking
  • Full integration with all Tofaş cars
  • Automatic music opening according to owner’s mode
  • Full bass music mode
  • Bread boat module when connected to Kartal
  • Neon mode on front and back display
  • Charging with a tube
  • The ability to look like an iPhone whenever you want

If we think of how much he loved bird species in Turkey, one in each of the brands that produce smartphones based on their target audience On Tofaş brand smart phones the features we want fabricated would be like this.

Of course, there is no need to mention the cheapness of spare parts, durability and abundance of sub-industry. “No, gardaş laaa!” If he can make a sound, this phone will not beat the taste. What are your ideas? We welcome your comments.