Brazil Fines Apple


The Procon-SP agency in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, fined Apple for not providing chargers with iPhones. In addition, the institution made heavy accusations against the company.

Today, in a patent lawsuit in the USA whose roots date back to 2015, $ 308.5 million faced to pay, Apple did not get a single blow from here. The technology giant has removed the chargers from the iPhone 12 box as a result of the decision made by the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. 10,546,442 million Brazilian reals (approximately 1 million 920 thousand dollars).

But this was not the only action taken by Brazil against Apple. Related institution of brazil Procon-SP In the statement made by, different and important accusations were made against Apple. Institution, company misleading advertisements, selling factory-defective devices, providing unfair terms in contracts with consumers, and not having repaired a product still under warranty He also directed his crimes to Apple.

Apple’s justification was not found sufficient:


Director of the institution Fernando Capez, in a statement to Apple “Understand that there are strong consumer protection laws and institutions in Brazil. It must respect these laws and these institutions.The company’s not offering a charger with the iPhone 12s was actually justified by Apple in October last year.

Brazil asked Apple for the answer why it doesn’t include a charger in the box.environmental commitment“He received the answer. But this answer is not very satisfying to the institution. Samsung, another company like Apple that does not offer a charger in the box, has managed to avoid the authorities by giving a charger to those who pre-ordered the Galaxy S21 series.


Apple Pays $ 308.5 Million in Patent Lawsuit

As a result of the investigations, Procon-SP made a decision against Apple, but Apple did not has the right to appeal. If the company cannot reach an agreement as a result of this objection, the matter can be taken to court. Whether this decision made in Brazil will be followed by other countries is also a matter of curiosity.