Brief information: Anton, OVH Brand, Apple, moon base ILRS


Due to a security gap, various data of the students who used the app could be accessed from outside without authorization in the Anton learning app from the Berlin developer Sonocode, which is used throughout Germany. This emerges from a report by Bayerischer Rundfunk, which discovered the vulnerability and reported it to the developers. First and last names, the school and grade level as well as data on the learning status and the log-in times should have been freely accessible. As the BR further explains, there was also the possibility that “outsiders” could have pretended to be teachers and could send messages to the participants in the learning groups. According to Sonocode, the vulnerability has now been closed.

A fire in a system of the French cloud provider OVH apparently destroyed an entire data center and at least partially another one on Wednesday night. Although the fire has meanwhile been extinguished, it is not yet possible to enter the site in Strasbourg. The four data centers there would not restart on Wednesday, the company said. OVH is one of the largest Internet service providers in Europe. Due to the fire damage, many services can only be used to a limited extent or not at all. The cloud provider recommends affected customers to activate the “Disaster Recovery Plan”.

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Apple plans to invest more than a billion euros in its German locations by 2024. The company announced this on Wednesday morning. Above all, the existing centers for research and development in the greater area of ​​the Bavarian capital are taken into account. Munich and the surrounding area are to be expanded into Apple’s European center for chip design.

China and Russia have agreed to jointly build an international research station on the moon. It is to be operated autonomously in the long term and set up on the lunar surface and in orbit. The lunar base is intended to enable multidisciplinary and scientific research activities. However, only Roscosmos speaks of prospects for human presence on the moon, while the CNSA leaves this unmentioned.


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