Brief information: Intel, state Trojans, digital letters, drone delivery

The new Intel boss Pat Gelsinger makes important strategic changes to the market leader after only six weeks in office. For the first time, Intel will open its own semiconductor production facility to external customers. Two new chip factories are to contribute to this in Arizona, which are being built there for 20 billion US dollars. At the same time, Intel wants to have more external production itself. Production capacities in both the USA and Europe are to be used for this purpose. From 2023 onwards, Intel’s core products in both the desktop and server area are to come at least partially from external production.

Experts are concerned that the grand coalition intends to completely overstretch its powers with its draft amendment to the Federal Police Act. The Federal Data Protection Commissioner Ulrich Kelber, for example, considers the planned reform to be constitutionally questionable on several points: The competencies of the Federal Police would be significantly expanded and aligned with those of the Federal Criminal Police Office. In the future, the federal police should be able to preventively monitor the telecommunications of citizens. This also applies to cases without a specific initial suspicion. In view of the depth of such an encroachment on fundamental rights, the threshold would be set far too low here, complains the data protection officer.

After the digital announcement of letters, the next step is to look inside. GMX and users can have a “digital copy” of their letters sent to them by email. The service from the mail providers and Deutsche Post is now available free of charge – both for consumers and companies who want to offer the service to their customers. Before receiving the postal letter, users receive an email with a photo of the envelope and an attached PDF document with the content.

Samsung wants to offer its customers in Ireland a delivery service by drone in the future, in order to deliver the latest devices of the Galaxy series without contact. To this end, Samsung is cooperating with the delivery drone manufacturer Manna. It should start with a pilot project in Oranmore. It is the first project of its kind for Samsung, reports the Irish TV broadcaster RTE. However, this type of delivery service is not entirely new in Oranmore. Because the grocer Tesco, in association with other retailers and restaurants in the region, has been offering the delivery of food, books or medicines by drone since September 2020.


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