Brief information: Shortage of raw materials, cartel watchdogs, PetitPotam, Ingenuity


Industrial pre-products such as wood, steel or plastic are scarce – this puts industry and craft under pressure. According to experts, the prices, which have already risen significantly, will continue to rise – there is no end in sight. For example, the higher steel prices are currently not only affecting construction, the automotive industry or mechanical engineering. Relatively simple products such as tin cans also rose in price. The Federal Association of the Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Processing Industry recently complained about a 30 to 80 percent surcharge for tin cans and lids.

The US President Joe Biden wants to use the Google critic Jonathan Kanter as a cartel guard. He would take over ongoing cases against Google and Apple directly and examine further lawsuits. Antitrust lawyer Kanter has already represented companies against Google and has campaigned in the past to reverse harmful mergers and break up monopolies. Kanter’s nomination has yet to be approved by the Senate.

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There is a new way in which attackers can secure the rights of a domain administrator and thus full control in a completely normal Windows network. It is a so-called NTLM relay attack, as it was before. In an NTLM relay attack, an attacker forces a server or service to authenticate against a malicious relay. The attacker can then misuse his identity on the network for his own purposes. The special thing about PetitPotam is that it affects the standard configuration of many Windows networks and Microsoft will probably not do anything about it, since NTLM relay attacks are nothing new.

The small NASA helicopter Ingenuity has completed its tenth flight on Mars and has now flown a total of more than a mile. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced this to the US space agency on Twitter and added that the aircraft reached a record height of 12 meters, among other things. Ingenuity had been brought to Mars by Perseverance, where it was only supposed to prove that motorized aircraft can take off there. In the meantime, NASA has decided not to give up Ingenuity – as originally planned. The helicopter accompanies the rover, which is now to collect a first soil sample for transport to earth.


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