Brief information: vaccination certificate, economic growth, road traffic, GarageBand


On Thursday afternoon, the first pharmacies were able to issue digital vaccination certificates again. The certification will not be continued via the previous website “Mein Apothekenportal”, but via a new portal, “”. The big difference: the new website cannot be accessed via a regular Internet connection, but only within the telematics infrastructure. It may take some time before the routing is redirected to all connected pharmacies. The Federal Association of German Pharmacy Software Houses is currently assuming that all pharmacies will be able to access the new DAV portal by the middle of next week.

The German economy has found its way back to growth after the emergency at the beginning of the year in the corona pandemic. The gross domestic product rose in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the previous quarter by 1.5 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on the basis of preliminary data. Economists expect Europe’s largest economy to make a strong comeback this year. Economic research institutes recently predicted an increase in gross domestic product between 3.2 and 3.9 percent. In addition to delivery bottlenecks, however, the spread of the delta variant of the corona virus is currently causing uncertainty.

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Anyone who travels on foot or by bike should have more privileges in road traffic in Great Britain. “Over the past year, millions of us have found out what great ways cycling and running are great ways to stay fit, take the road less congestion and do something for the environment,” said the UK Transport Secretary. The new rules are intended to create a new hierarchy in road traffic: Those who can cause greater damage to others with their vehicle should also bear greater responsibility.

Apple has released new sound packs for its free entry-level music software GarageBand for iPhone and iPad. The content that can be used from version 2.3.11 comes from various prominent musicians. This includes two new remix sessions with step-by-step video instructions and seven new producer packages “full of beats, loops and instruments”. The content for the latest GarageBand version can then be used to create or spice up your own pieces of music.


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