Briefly informed: AI campus, Trickbot, Fortnite, The Witcher


According to the State Ministry of Economics, several applicants are competing for the planned establishment of a so-called innovation park for artificial intelligence in Baden-Württemberg. It is still unclear whether the campus will only be built at one location or whether it will be spread over several locations. According to the ministry, the location issue should be decided in the coming year. The state government announced at the beginning of the year that it was working on setting up an innovation park for artificial intelligence. Scientists, companies and investors should be able to network there and work under the best possible conditions.

The Trickbot gang associated with Emotet uses the new Conti ransomware and now also operates its own leak platform. Like Ragnar Locker, Maze and other cybercrime gangs, they copy data from infected systems and threaten to publish it. The first prominent names of victims can already be found on the leak platform. However, caution is advised. The most recent entry is entitled “The Volkswagen Group”. However, the published documents only come from a single VW dealer. In addition, there are early signs that the Trickbot gang is now working with the Maze cartel.

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The dispute between “Fortnite” developer Epic Games and Apple is now having the first noticeable consequences for “Fortnite” players: The new update for the popular online shooter will not be available for iOS and macOS due to the ongoing legal dispute between the two US companies To be available. In practice, the “Fortnite” community, which can normally switch freely between platforms and play across platform boundaries, is now divided. After a rule violation in the game app “Fortnite”, Apple removed the application developed by Epic Games from the App Store.

CD Projekt is working on a mobile offshoot of the popular “The Witcher” series. “The Witcher: Monster Slayer” obviously cuts a big chunk in the mobile hit “Pokémon Go”: With the mobile phone, players move into the real world, where they can locate and defeat monsters with its augmented reality functions. According to the CD project, “The Witcher: Monster Slayer” should also include the current time and weather conditions in the fights. The release date will be announced in the course of the year.


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