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The Dutch company has to pay a fine of 15 million euros for abusing its market power in Russia. The Russian competition authority FAS announced on Thursday. The reason is that the online travel agency is forcing accommodation providers to also offer all rooms via, and at the lowest price. The contractual clauses prohibit hotel operators from asking lower prices on their own websites or from other booking agents.

Ten years ago, South Korea banned nighttime online games for children. Now that is allowed again. This is part of the planned revision of the Youth Protection Act. Up until now, game providers had to ensure that children under the age of 16 did not use online games between midnight and 6 a.m. The new regulation is intended to give legal guardians and the children themselves more responsibility. The so-called “electoral system”, which was introduced in 2012 to combat youth gambling addiction, will remain in place, as the ministries of culture, sports and tourism as well as for gender equality and family announced this week, according to the Korea Herald newspaper.

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Apple is expected to receive an extra $ 5 billion this year so that Google can continue to use the standard Safari search on iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is assumed by analysts who are informed about Apple’s agreement with the Internet giant. According to the study by Bernstein Research, Google will pay Apple a total of $ 15 billion in 2021 for the right to remain the number one search engine on devices. However, it is not entirely certain whether Google will actually continue to make so much money for the Safari placement.

The Chancellor candidate of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock, has spoken out in favor of changing the innovation bonus. Low-wage earners should receive more financial support when buying electric cars, said the top Green candidate at an event organized by the German editorial network in Hanover. For this group, the innovation bonus should be increased by 3,000 to 9,000 euros. “From our point of view, the second part should be made available via an interest-free loan from KfW,” said Baerbock. This loan can then be repaid because it is much cheaper to fill up with electricity than with gasoline.


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