Briefly informed: Corona vaccination, start-ups, heat wave, PrintNightmare


To improve the effectiveness of the corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer against the coronavirus and the mutants in circulation, the joint pharmaceutical project has brought a possible third vaccination into play. According to data from the Israeli Ministry of Health, the effect of the vaccine decreases six months after the second vaccination. According to an ongoing study, a third vaccination would result in a significant boost in the protective effect even against the delta variant that is on the rise. Nevertheless, Biontech / Pfizer are already developing a new mRNA vaccine version in which the complete spike protein of the Delta variant is used.

A survey by the Bitkom industry association shows that the mood among start-ups in Germany is gloomy. A few months before the federal election in September, they certify that the governing coalition has bad policies for young companies and give it an average grade of 4.2. In view of the results of the survey, Bitkom President Achim Berg emphasized the importance of start-ups for Germany as a digital location: They should be “politically more strongly flanked and supported”. During the pandemic in particular, we would have seen that start-ups with their solutions, for example for education and health, still have an extremely difficult time getting a chance in Germany.

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The record heat wave that formed in Northwest America in late June would have been virtually impossible without the impact of man-made climate change. This is what 27 climate researchers say after a quick analysis for the World Weather Organization. Climate change makes the heat wave at least 150 times more likely. By the time the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions stop, temperatures would continue to rise and events like this would occur more frequently.

After several security researchers have demonstrated that the emergency patch for the PrintNightmare security hole does not effectively protect Windows systems under certain conditions, Microsoft has now published a statement. In it, the software company assures that the patch will arm Windows against all currently known PrintNightmare exploits. For this to be the case, however, Windows must run in the standard settings.


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