Briefly informed: Cyberbunker clause, EA Hack, MailKit, EURO 2020

The Bundestag inserted the so-called cyberbunker clause into the code of criminal procedure on Friday morning. In the future, the police will be able to search apartments, business premises and property at night in order to catch computers and IT systems while they are running and thus be able to copy and confiscate unencrypted data. Rhineland-Palatinate had previously advocated such a clause in the Federal Council. The state’s Minister of Justice, Herbert Mertin, justified this mainly with the cyberbunker procedure and similar situations. The computers would have to run when there was an access, which is often the case with Internet criminals at night.

Criminals have broken into the network of the game provider Electronic Arts and, according to their own statements, copied 780 GB of data. This includes the source code of the world-famous soccer game series FIFA and the Frostbite game engine. It is the basis of games and game series such as Battlefield, Need for Speed ​​and Star Wars: Battlefront. EA confirms the hacker attack, but assures that no player data has been accessed. In various hacker forums someone is already offering the complete source code of the current game FIFA 21 as well as various associated developer programs, including for the upcoming FIFA 22. The price is only quoted on request. The data could be used to develop cheat codes or hacks, or even to copy the games for your own products.

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Many users use plug-ins for Apple Mail to expand the possibilities of using the e-mail application. With macOS 12 alias Monterey, which is due to appear in the fall, you will have to prepare for changes: Apple is canceling the previous expansion interface and replacing it with a new one. According to Apple, MailKit should be able to interact “simply and securely” with the mail app. Support for old plug-ins will be ended.

From June 11th to July 11th the ball will be rolling again: The European Football Championship EURO 2020, which was postponed last year due to the Corona events, is now taking place. Most of the games – including those with German participation, as well as all final games – can be seen on FreeTV on ARD or ZDF. In addition to the classic TV broadcasts, Das Erste and ZDF also offer the respective live streams via web browser or in their apps.


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