Briefly informed: Discord, Vaccine Fraud, Softmaker Office, Fruit & Vegetables


Microsoft is reportedly negotiating a takeover with Discord when the purchase price is more than 10 billion US dollars. The New York Times reported, citing unnamed people who were familiar with the negotiations. However, the talks are still in an early phase. Discord is particularly popular with gamers, but has now also established itself as a regular messenger. Should Microsoft actually take over Discord, the service would fit the in-house ecosystem around the XBox consoles.

Businessmen are trying to profit from the coronavirus pandemic on the darknet by selling COVID-19 vaccines and false test certificates. The vaccines from AstraZeneca, the Russian Sputnik V, the Chinese Sinopharm and the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson have been discovered, according to scientists from the cybersecurity company Check Point. As the BBC reports, fake test certificates and vaccination certificates are also being offered. The authenticity of the vaccines offered on the Darknet could not be verified. Check Point therefore sees complete vaccine documentation across all countries in the form of QR codes as essential in order to be able to better prevent counterfeiting.

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The office suite Softmaker Office, available for Windows, macOS and Linux, is conquering another platform with Android. A free public beta version should be available to download from Google’s Playstore shortly. Unlike the Softmaker Office HD, which has been available since 2015 and is only intended for Android tablets, the new suite comes with separate surfaces for use with ribbons on tablets and for one-handed operation on smartphones.

With the help of an interactive map, people in Europe will in future be able to find out which fruit and vegetables are currently in season in their country. The European Food Information Center published the map on its website. It is initially available in English with many pictures, but will soon go online in German, among other things. Interested parties can see which vegetables are being harvested in their country in the various months or which are available from the warehouse. In March in Germany, according to the interactive map, these are beetroot, mushrooms, white cabbage and spinach.


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