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A new criminal offense closes a gap in criminal law and aims to better protect children from sexual assault. Distribution and possession of instructions on child sexual abuse are prohibited with immediate effect. There is now a penalty of up to three years or a fine for disseminating such information. Possession and retrieval of abuse instructions can result in a prison sentence of up to two years or a fine. Another law that has now come into force prohibits the dissemination of personal data if this threatens to damage it. Anyone who is guilty of inflammatory insult can also be sentenced to imprisonment.

The Korean electronics group LG Electronics wants to buy the Israeli security company Cybellum, which specializes in tracking down security problems in automotive software and vehicle hardware and assessing security risks. The takeover deal is on the order of approximately $ 240 million. With the acquisition of Cybellum, LG confirms that it intends to expand its commitment to automotive hardware and services.

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Apple does not want the popular online game “Fortnite” to return to its app store until the legal dispute with the developer Epic Games is completely over. The iPhone company declined a request for the resumption, according to a letter published by Epic boss Tim Sweeney. Apple referred, among other things, to the previous “duplicitous” behavior of Epic. In the dispute between Apple and Epic, which has been going on for over a year, the first judgment was given ten days ago. A judge in California ruled, among other things, that Apple was entitled to ban Epic and Fortnite from the App Store. She ruled that Apple is not a monopoly, but needs to change app rules.

Decades after entering the market, the mobile phone is a case for museums: a virtual museum about the history of the mobile phone is due to open in Great Britain in November. In the exhibition, more than 2000 models from 200 different manufacturers will trace the history of the devices – from bulky telephones the size of a car battery to the latest high-end models. In the future there will also be pop-up exhibitions at various locations. The mobile phone company Vodafone is a sponsor of the project.


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