Briefly informed: pixel patterns, Xbox, early earthquake detection, Fox News

Whether you’re sorting photos automatically on your smartphone or searching for people on Facebook: Artificial intelligence in image recognition makes a preselection or marks familiar faces. This is practical and sometimes funny, for example when the software focuses on a poster on the wall or thinks a few wrinkles in the sofa cushion represent a face. But errors in image recognition are no longer fun if they are made by an autonomous vehicle in traffic. Researchers at the University of Tübingen, in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, have shown that even a small sticker in a street scene can irritate the movement estimation of AI systems.

Microsoft will be launching its Xbox Series X game console in November. The company writes in a blog entry. Competitor Sony has not yet announced a release date for its Playstation 5 and is also speaking of “the end of the year”. The prices at which both game consoles will come onto the market are also still unknown. Microsoft has to forego an important trump card at the start: “Halo Infinite”, by far the most important planned launch title has been delayed and will not appear until 2021.

Our weekday news podcast delivers the most important news of the day compressed to 2 minutes. Anyone who uses voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can also hear or see the news there. Simply activate the skill on Alexa or say to the Google Assistant: “Play heise top”.

Together with IBM and the start-up Grillo, the Linux Foundation would like to further develop open source early warning systems for earthquake detection. The initiative under the name OpenEEW takes as a starting point already existing components of the Grillo platform for measuring, detecting and analyzing earthquakes. The initiative is not just about software, but also about hardware and IoT components. Real-time warning systems should be provided by users on platforms such as Kuberneties and Raspberry Pi and be able to issue warnings on various types of mobile devices.

The conservative US news channel Fox News wants to expand its audience. From September 17, he will also stream content in Germany – for 7 US dollars a month. The offer includes live streams of the Fox channels Fox News and Fox Business. In addition, the content of some programs should also be available in a media library as on-demand video.


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