Briefly informed: SARS-CoV-2, autonomous cars, fleeceware, privacy


In the United States, the first patients received the first antibody drug that was specifically developed for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2. It is being tested in various doses on 32 people in US hospitals. If the active ingredient proves to be safe, it should be tested this summer on coronavirus patients outside of hospitals. The drug was developed in just three months. The researchers used blood from an early US survivor of SARS-CoV-2 in February. The successful immune response of a single person should become a drug that can help everyone.

Under the given conditions, autonomous cars could prevent a third of road traffic accidents. This is the conclusion reached by analysts from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the US insurance industry after analyzing thousands of registered car accidents. The analysis showed that 24 percent of accidents are due to errors that autonomous cars could have avoided because they perceive more precisely than human drivers, and 10 percent because these vehicles are not prone to breakdowns such as drunkenness and distraction; provided that the automatic works properly.

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The anti-virus company Avast has discovered several programs in Apple’s iPhone software store that call questionably high prices for simple services. The company calls the products “fleeceware” – software that does not contain any malware components, but unnecessarily skims the user. The fleeceware products discovered by Avast are all VPN clients that apparently come from Russia. The business model is similar: those who subscribe can use the programs for three days free of charge. But after that it gets really expensive.

A high degree of privacy can be achieved on the Internet with little effort. The updated new version of c’t’s privacy checklists shows how this works. A lot can be adjusted or avoided with the right tools and tricks. A lot can often be achieved with little effort and without great loss of comfort. Checklists from smart homes to fitness trackers to home offices can be found in the new c’t.


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