Briefly informed: Telekom-Corona-App, Zoom, SpaceX, Humble Bundle


Telekom's COVID-19 app is designed to give patients quick access to the results of their corona tests. It works as follows: After a smear is taken in a test center, the patient receives a QR code. As soon as the test result is available, he can scan this code with the COVID-19 app and then learn the result directly from the "Telekom Healthcare Cloud". But the process is by no means safely reported: The transmission is encrypted, but the app fails when checking the SSL certificate. An attacker in the position of a man-in-the-middle can retrieve the test result and even accuse the patient of a wrong result.

Data protection at the video conferencing service Zoom, to which the corona virus pandemic brought many new users, has come into the focus of the New York Attorney General's Office. She asks the company for information about measures to protect user data and privacy, as the New York Times reports. In a first reaction, Zoom told the newspaper that the required information would be provided. Zoom has been repeatedly criticized in the past few days. It was noticed last week that the service's iOS app sent some information about the device used to Facebook.

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In the first operational flight of a manned SpaceX space capsule, two US astronauts, one US astronaut and one Japanese astronaut will fly to the ISS later in the year. NASA announced this now and said that in addition to Michael Hopkins and Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Soichi Noguchi were selected. Your flight is expected to end US dependence on Russia for manned flights into space. Before that, however, a first manned demonstration flight from SpaceX to the ISS must work, which is still planned for mid to late May despite all current delays.

Humble Bundle is selling a package of computer games, e-books and e-comics to help raise funds to help charities that are currently responding to the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath. The proceeds will go entirely to Direct Relief, the International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders and Partners In Health.


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