Bring, Neighborhood Tradesmen Service Announces ‘Bring Bazaar’ Service

Product delivery application Getir has introduced its new service named “GetirÇarşı” to the service of users. Getir Bazaar, which allows users to shop from neighborhood tradesmen, will be exclusive to Istanbul for now. There are many areas that can be reached within the scope of the service, from butchery to greengrocery.

Getir, one of the most popular product delivery applications of recent times, is its new service.BringBazaar“I announced that it will put it into the service of users. It is a little more than the Getir logic we are used to until today. different employee GetirBazaar paves the way for users to shop from the shopkeepers in their neighborhood. It seems that GetirÇarşı will reach a number of users that it has not reached until today, by touching one of the important points in Turkish culture.

GetirBazaar works according to the location of the users. In this context, when a user enters GetirBazaar in the immediate vicinity He sees different categories of vendors such as butcher, delicatessen, greengrocer and dried fruit shop Thus, the user, who has the opportunity to shop from a shopkeeper in his neighborhood, thus maintains the neighborhood culture and shopkeepers in your neighborhood It also helps him earn money.


Founding partner making statements about GetirÇarşı Tuncay Tütekbelieves that in the increasingly digital world, there should be shopkeepers in the neighborhood, and they decided to put such a service into action. From Turkey in Around 2 million Tute saying that the neighborhood shopkeepers, artisans getirçarşı Turkey by inviting all to the general, who had already been through this service trades due to pandemic that you can earn additional income stated.


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According to the statements made by the Getir officials, the tradesmen who want to be included in the GetirBazaar service, as of today They have to apply through the Getir application. Underlining that the application process is easy and fast, the authorities only Special for Istanbul it would be, and then they said would spread throughout Turkey. By the way, the money earned by the tradesmen included in the GetirBazaar service is only 1 business day It should also be noted that it will be sent to their accounts.