British Police Go Drugs, Find Bitcoin


Upon a tip, a group of British police raided a plot that looked like a drug farm from the outside. But what they found was a Bitcoin farm that seemed perfectly legal.

Cops in western england On May 18, from every angle to the drug farm raided a similar plot. At first glance, it was surrounded only by dry grass and had a large depo It was thought that drugs were produced and packaged on this land, but that was not the case at all.

According to the statement made yesterday, from the surrounding buildings lots of complaints around when the area is entered into the plot no no drugs. Just in abundance ventilation pipe and a lot cable existed. Thinking that the transactions took place inside, the police teams were astonished as soon as they entered the warehouse. This warehouse isn’t actually for drugs Bitcoin was prepared for. The police, who came with the hope of finding drugs inside, 100 He encountered the bitcoin machine.

Bitcoin was actually being mined in the field:

Sandwell Police Chief Jeniffer Griffin said in a statement:It was definitely not what we expected. Our previous police teams only once He found a repository for crypto mining. It’s not common for us” said.

Although Bitcoin mining is a legal business, the police found that this warehouse was disconnected from the power lines of nearby buildings in their raid. colossal in quantities illegal electricity determined that he used it. For this reason, approximately 100 machines seizing the cops have little intention of giving these machines away anytime soon.

Authorities did not disclose how much illegal electricity was used. However, as expected, this amount rather than. It takes a lot of electricity to run even a single machine. Annual electricity consumption of machines used in cryptocurrency mining a large part of the stolen electricity is covered by the more than enough specified to be paid.


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The police did not arrest anyone who was in the warehouse at the time of the raid. However, the warehouse owner’s It is a fact that he is very bored with this incident and he will be even more bored. But if we look at the increasing crypto money prices every day, these penalties do not will not affect looks like.

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