Bug fix update for macOS 11 Big Sur


On Thursday night, Apple made another update for macOS 11 aka Big Sur available for download. The update listens to version number 11.5.2 and comes just under two weeks after macOS 11.5.1, which contained an important security fix.

Even by Apple standards, the group gives little information about the content of macOS 11.5.2: It only says that the update contains “bug fixes for your Mac”. Further information is not provided, although macOS updates usually contain a detailed package insert. A restart is absolutely necessary for the import. Updates for macOS Mojave (10.14) or Catalina (10.15) were not provided.

Apparently macOS 11.5.2 does not contain any security-relevant bug fixes. At least the company writes on his security updates websitethat the update “has no published CVE records”. CVE stands for the “Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures” database, in which MITER all known loopholes. With a good 2.5 GB on a fully patched Big Sur system, macOS 11.5.2 is still bulky.

In addition to the Big Sur update, a new iTunes version for Windows published – last Monday. Version 12.11.4 of the software, which is no longer available on the Mac, fixes two problematic holes in the ImageIO library (of which there is also a Windows version), which could be used to execute arbitrary code. Accordingly, you should update your system quickly.

It is still unclear whether Apple has fixed the vulnerabilities in its operating systems associated with the highly problematic Pegasus spyware. Some security researchers believe that this is related to IOImage or similar image routines, others believe that Apple itself does not yet know exactly what vulnerabilities have been exploited.

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