Bull Season Will Continue in Bitcoin


Justin Sun, the founder of the crypto currency TRON, made statements about the crypto money markets. Saying that the bull season is not over, Sun states that there will be another correction in June, and that there will be rises again in July and August.

One of the most talked about names of the bull season experienced by the crypto money markets in 2017. Justin Sunmade some statements about the bull season of 2020-2021. The founder of the crypto currency TRON, who gave an interview to Bloomberg on the subject, the season is not over explained.

Justin Sun, especially in 2017 TRON made bold statements about it. In fact, Sun was something of the Elon Musk of 2017. However, the bull season in those years, unfortunately, did not progress as Justin Sun said, and the language of the investor, especially TRON, was seriously burned. The controversial name of the market, after a while the rises in the market will continue it states.

Bull season will continue in July and August

Justin Sun

According to the statements made by Justin Sun, the 2020-2021 bull season will be July and August will make you smile again. Mentioning that the markets are constantly rising in 2021, Sun says that such corrections are normal and he expects another correction in June. According to Sun, the declines in Bitcoin and other altcoins, to be lived it’s a situation.


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China and the most talked about cryptocurrency of recent times Dogecoin Speaking about the issue, Justin Sun states that he believes Dogecoin is the public’s money. The events in Dogecoin, the events in the past months, Gamestop TRON founder, who stated that he resembled the event, says that people do not act according to the banks on Wall Street, and that Dogecoin is fully suitable for this. Sun’s view on the hard decisions taken by China is that the decisions taken are one if it won’t work towards.

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