Business Intelligence with Amazon: Simply type in questions about the business

Amazon describes its new tool for its business intelligence application as QuickSight Q. With it, queries can be formulated in natural language. QuickSight itself is part of the AWS cloud and uses data from Amazon’s Redshift, RDS, Aurora, Athena and S3 services, as well as several third-party sources such as Salesforce, Adobe Analytics, ServiceNow and Excel.

To ask QuickSight Q a question, all users have to do is type it in. Here, suggestions for automatic completion help out; these include, in particular, keywords and business terms from the available sources. So users shouldn’t have to remember the exact names of the data.

If the application does not understand the question or individual words, it suggests alternative inputs from which the user can select a suitable question. QuickSight Q remembers the correct designations for the typed text. The software then outputs the answer in the form of the usual BI format, for example as a table or diagram. These can be edited further.

Questions can also be saved as topics and users can also access questions from their colleagues in this topic. Furthermore, those responsible can verify selected inquiries and answers together as correct.

QuickSight Q works at the start sea ‚Äč‚ÄčAmazon-Blog only in English, but is also available from the AWS Frankfurt region. Amazon launched the business intelligence service QuickSight itself in 2016.

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