Business software: Asana introduces do not disturb feature

The organization software for companies Asana will offer its users numerous options in the future to better separate working hours and leisure time. There are new do not disturb settings that are intended to help employees in the home office in particular. In the wake of the corona virus crisis, numerous companies have sent their employees home to work from there.

Job market

  1. Hays AG, Rhineland-Palatinate
  2. Schenck Process Europe GmbH, Darmstadt

With the new Do Not Disturb options, users can define fixed working hours in which they usually only concentrate on work. At the same time it can also be defined which time is explicitly available for the family.

In future, Asana will also be able to set what type of notifications can be received and at what time. Notifications and contact attempts during the weekend and during holidays can be switched off.

Availabilities should be clearly visible

The availabilities as well as the preferred contact options of colleagues should in future be displayed in the Asana search as well as in the profiles of the users. In addition, users should be notified directly in the task assignment if they are not available for the selected task.

Asana releases its new do-not-disturb options at a time when significantly more people are working in the home office than usual. Due to the spread of the corona virus and the resulting lung disease Covid-19, numerous countries have now imposed strict rules on when residents leave their homes allowed to. For this reason, more and more companies are sending their employees to their home office – if that is possible. The big tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have also sent a large part of their employees home to work.

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