BuzzFeed Launches A Contest With Up To $10K Prizes


BuzzFeed announced its program called ‘BuzzFeed Summer Writers’ Challenge’ in the announcement it shared the other day. Everyone who writes content under the program will win prizes of up to 10 thousand dollars, based on the number of times their content is read.

Established in 2006, it is among the most popular websites with its news and entertaining content. BuzzFeedannounced the launch of an interesting program. Bringing a different perspective to content production, the site is preparing to award up to $10,000 to authors who write content within the scope of the ‘BuzzFeed Summer Writers’ Challenge’.

According to the announcement, content producers who write and share a content will win awards according to the number of reads. 15 July – 15 August Authors whose content is read more than 150 thousand times will be given 15 dollars. For authors whose content is read more than 4 million times 10 thousand dollars A huge prize will be awarded. Although the number of 4 million may seem absurd, very interesting content has the chance to reach this number on a platform like BuzzFeed. The worst part for us is that the competition is just Open to legal residents of the United States.

The trend of recent years has also come to BuzzFeed:


Doing content creation publicly has become a popular business model lately. Big platforms like Forbes Media also offer content producers. to get a chance to write from the outside started. With the onset of the coronavirus, the amount of rewards for creators has dropped to $250 for those who write at least five posts a month.


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BuzzFeed has also joined the platforms that go this way. Head of the company responsible for growth and trends Peggy WangIn a statement to AdWeek, ‘If we see the positive effects of the challenge, we can certainly expand or take this initiative into other forms.‘ he said. While BuzzFeed is known for its entertainment-focused content, in recent years it has invested in growing its investigative journalism unit and reporting compelling news. First Pulitzer Prize He won with a drama about the incarceration of Uyghurs in China.

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