BVDW starts aid campaign “Digital helps” for the Ukraine


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Ukraine warSource: BVDW

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) eV started the aid campaign “Digital helps” in response to the Ukraine war. This wants to support the people in Ukraine with various campaigns.

The aim of the aid campaign “Digital helps” by the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) eV is to give people in Ukraine free access to independent and up-to-date reporting on events in their country. “Digital Helps” therefore calls on media companies in Germany to deactivate their paywalls for users from Ukraine and Russia as a first step in the fight against disinformation about the Ukraine war. In addition, German media should also publish current content on events in the war zones in Ukrainian and Russian, if possible.

Furthermore, the BVDW calls for calls and aid campaigns for the Ukraine to be supported by providing free advertising space. The BVDW also opposes the fact that Russian technology service providers can continue to operate unhindered in the European market. Because of the Ukraine war, all Russian technology service providers in Europe are to be blocked with immediate effect. The BVDW is also requesting German media houses to end their cooperation with these companies immediately.

Ukraine War: Free Access to Independent Media

Dirk Freytag, President of the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) eV and CEO of content pass, explains the aid campaign “Digital helps”: “With this campaign, the digital economy is expressing its solidarity with Ukraine. Everyone should have free access to independent media so that disinformation and Russian propaganda don’t stand a chance. As the association of the digital economy, we have to make our contribution, even if it seems small given the events. We therefore expressly welcome the economic sanctions against Russia and accept the associated loss of sales.”

Ukraine war
Dirk Freytag is President of the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) eV (Image: BVDW)

New department of the BVDW focuses on the Metaverse

On February 24th, the online-based kick-off event of the new department “metaverse“, which the BVDW founded on February 1st. After the introduction to the Metaverse topic, the main topics were presented, on which the department will focus in the future in the form of labs. This includes the required technologies, new ecosystems and potential business models. The new department will also focus on relevant social aspects in the context of the Metaverse. At the same time, the department that emerges from the Mobile focus group remains the port for the transformation and development of mobile topics.

Mark Wächter from, the chairman of the Mobile focus group commissioned by the BVDW Executive Committee to set up the department, explains: “The kick-off event for the Metaverse department was a complete success. The high participation of tech players from the digital industry, but also many representatives of brands, creative and media agencies, reflects the high level of interest in the topic and illustrates the immense force with which the Metaverse phenomenon is reaching everyday corporate life.”

BVDW Metaverse
On February 1, 2022, the Federal Association of the Digital Economy founded the “Metaverse” department. (Image: BVDW)

BVDW is planning a big Metaverse Summit at the end of 2022

Finally, the possibilities of participating in the department and the further planning of the department by the committee management were presented. By the first meeting of the department in June 2022, the various labs will have been formed and the first lab meetings will have already taken place. At the end of the year, the department is planning a large BVDW Metaverse Summit.

Corinna Hohenleitner, Vice President of the BVDW and at Criteo summarizes: “We knew that the subject of the metaverse fascinated and concerned many people. We are therefore particularly pleased about the large variety of actors who accepted our invitation to the kick-off event. They make the department what it is – an expert forum and lively place for exchange. The kick-off event confirmed our decision to set up a dedicated Metaverse department early on and shows us that we have touched more than one nerve in the industry.” (sg)

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