By helicopter: US Navy tests analog messaging

What to do if the enemy is able to intercept, interrupt or even fake every electronic communication? In order to be able to communicate safely nevertheless, the US Navy resorts to a method that already worked in the Second World War: messages are physically delivered.

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Recently, an MH-60HS Sea Hawk helicopter delivered a message to the ship USS Boxer that no enemy could have heard: the crew of the helicopter packed the message, which was packed in a bag called a bean bag Helicopter deck of the USS boxer dropped.

The US Navy used this technique nearly 80 years ago: a reconnaissance aircraft was seen preparing a Tokyo civilian attack on a Japanese civilian ship. Instead of radioing this message to an aircraft carrier and risking the Japanese discovering the approaching fleet, the pilot dropped the message in a bag on the carrier's flight deck.

With the test on the USS Boxer, the US Navy had wanted to show that naval pilots are always able to communicate with the ship's command without electronic data transmission, reports military news specialized US news offer, Will the US Navy soon deliver messages via flag or wink alphabet again?