By Steam Gamers Switch from Windows 10 to 7

Steam has updated user data on the platform with the start of a new month. The latest data from Steam shows that gamers have increased by 2.43 percent instead of reducing Windows 7 usage.

US-based technology giant Microsoft's "Windows 7"The operating system will soon become history. The technology giant will cease its support to this operating system in 2020 and users will become vulnerable to all security vulnerabilities. This is serious. the problem Although it may seem pregnant, consumers do not want to give up Windows 7 easily.

Valve's gaming platform, Steam, is constantly publishing various data. The published data also includes gamers' operating systems and can be predicted. Windows 10is the most widely used operating system. Currently, however, Steam's data show an interesting change. This change, aside from Windows 10, allows consumers to leave Windows 7 give upIt shows that they are starting to use Windows 7.


Latest data published on Steam, gamers using the Windows 10 operating system, in the last month 2 percent has decreased. This reduction does not affect the leadership of Windows 10. Operating system still up to date global market share 74.23 percent and this ratio reveals that the throne of Windows 10 is still intact. However, the main mystery in the latest data published is about Windows 7, not Windows 10.


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According to the data available on Steam, the percentage of gamers using Windows 7 in the last month 2.43 percent rose. This upward trend in the current market share of Windows 7 18.47 percenthas upgraded to. This data shows that Windows 7 is still in use by almost 1 in 5 users. There is still great uncertainty about how Microsoft will break this interest.

Here are the latest data published by Steam


Microsoft has released the latest security update for Windows 7. January 14, 2020and then discontinue support. By January 14th, consumers will be vulnerable to new vulnerabilities that hackers will discover. As a matter of fact, Microsoft is constantly providing information and wants consumers to switch to Windows 10. But consumers are very eager They are not.

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