C32T55, C27T55 and C24T55: Samsung brings more strongly curved monitors


At the electronics fair CES 2020, Samsung announced the first monitors with a very strong display curvature of 1000R. Among them is the Odyssey G9, a 32: 9 screen designed for gamers. However, the manufacturer also sees its curved panels in cheaper office monitors. That's why Samsung is adding the C32T55. C27T55 and C24T55, which are built with 32, 27 and 24 inch screen diagonals.

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All three screens are otherwise equipped with an identical VA panel, which has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and an image frequency of 75 Hz. With Freesync support, the manufacturer also advertises these products for gaming. With the 32-inch model, the pixel density of the Full HD resolution may no longer be high enough for some users. This is why such large monitors are usually sold with WQHD or 4K displays. The 1000R value describes the curvature of the display, which extends a circle with a radius of one meter (1,000 mm). The maximum brightness is 250 cd / m². According to Samsung, the gray-to-gray contrast is 3,000: 1.

All three monitors have comparable connections on the back: HDMI 1.4, Displayport 1.2 and an older VGA port are available. However, a USB hub is missing. The built-in stereo speakers could be useful for everyday office work, but are missing in the 24-inch model. As with almost all screens, such speakers should rather be seen as a fallback level, since they usually do not sound very bulky.

Samsung CT55 (Image: Samsung)

The monitors cannot be adjusted ergonomically except for the horizontal inclination. The stand is firm and cannot be pulled out in height. Users should also note that the strong curvature of the screen extends further into the work surface on the desk.

Samsung has not yet commented on the price and availability. Instead, interested parties can fill out an inquiry form. Monitors with the specified equipment should cost between 200 and 400 euros, depending on the size. But that is not certain.

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