Cable network: Vodafone gets network congestion not under control

Vodafone has problems for months in its cable network in Lingen in the district of Emsland in Lower Saxony. As the Grafschafter Nachrichten reports, existing customers can not be adequately supplied due to busy lines. At the same time, the cable network operator is promoting expansion in the region.

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According to the report, Vodafone said they had one Too many customers are surfing the internet too much, An extension of capacity had already been requested. However, this is likely to happen "several weeks" pass away.

Before the workload problem occurred, the data transfer rates of around 19,600 households had plummeted for weeks. At the beginning of July, an excavator had damaged a fiber optic cable on the local feeder road M√ľnster – Lingen. The repair dragged on for weeks.

A reader from the region reports, three weeks after the dredging damage with very limited bandwidth for 19,600 households have again given the bandwidth as before. Two weeks later, the data rate suddenly plummeted back to around 2 Mbit / s per user for all customers in the evening.

Vodafone announced on 14th August 2019 nevertheless knownthat Nordhorn will now launch into the gigabit era. "For the first time, Vodafone Germany offers landline connections with up to 36,500 households in its entire cable fiber optic network
to 1,000 megabits in the download. "
This improvement has been achieved with the cable network standard Docsis 3.1. "We're building Germany's digital future." Vodafone is one of the main drivers for the expansion of
High-speed networks in Germany "
said Vodafone boss Hannes Ametsreiter.