Calculation or chance: The pictures of the week (week 39)

How is a good picture created? Many photographers have a photo in their head. In order to implement the idea, they prepare meticulously, plan and arrange until the recording corresponds to their ideas. Others, on the other hand, roam through cities and landscapes, with a topic in mind, but they spontaneously implement what chance brings before their lens. Against this background, many of the “Pictures of the Day” from the c’t photography gallery last week were created.

You can’t plan the weather. Michael Rasch came across this poppy flower and the matching sunlight by chance during his morning walk. Nevertheless, he played with different focal lengths and perspectives in the situation until the impressive shot “Poppy in Sunlight” was taken.

“The photo was taken during a morning walk around the most beautiful poppy field I have discovered so far,” writes Michael Rasch about his picture of the day Poppy in the sunlight. “I played with several lenses and perspectives and this one was taken from among many other photos.” A successful photo that very nicely reflects the current autumn mood.
Canon EOS 80D | 190 mm | ISO 200 | f / 14 | 1/30 s
(Image: Michael Rasch)

Coincidence is not synonymous with: The picture came to me. In addition to luck, a coincidence usually requires a good portion of skill and experience – as is the case with the picture of the day from Sunday with the title fishing. Such a recording not only requires a fast autofocus and a high series frame rate, but also a lot of practice in dealing with long focal lengths and a good deal of intuition.

On the other hand, Darius Swiderski planned his picture Schneckenhaus well and arranged it at great expense. For this composition of a natural motif with the artistically designed background, he consciously used the special bokeh properties of an old lens.

You can find more impressive examples in the photo gallery. Often it is not obvious at first glance how much planning or chance is behind a recording.

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