Call of Duty: Survival Mode exclusively for Playstation 4 for one year


Players of the Playstation 4 receive a special mode in Call of Duty – Modern Warfare, which other players receive only about a year later. This is unusual: Normally, such content is available only a few weeks in advance. With Modern Warfare it should give the mode for Windows PC and Xbox One only in October 2020. Then the next call of duty should be just before the release or even already available.

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The mode is called Survival, it is part of Special Ops – which is the name of the co-op mode. In turn, the development studio Infinity Ward will introduce only in early October 2019, and talk about Survival.

It could be that players can compete together in particularly challenging conditions. Usually such modes are very popular.

The mode was announced with an overlay at the end of the trailer introducing the campaign. Meanwhile, the corresponding text board is no longer visible – apparently it has been replaced by another clue.

After protests broke out in the community over the one-year exclusive agreement, they have the developers on Reddit uttered."Special Ops Survival is an additional classic mode available on Playstation 4" – This statement basically acts as if the subject should be downplayed.

Modern Warfare will be released on October 25, 2019 for Windows PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The program appears, according to publisher Activision in Germany with an age rating of 18 years without content-related cuts compared to the US version. The game comes fully localized with German voice output on the market, the English voice output is optional.