Callya: Vodafone also brings Voice over LTE for prepaid customers


Vodafone now also offers Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for its Callya prepaid cards. Like the network operator on June 18, 2020 announced, however, the activation will take place gradually and within the next few months.

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Vodafone Germany introduced Voice over LTE in its own LTE network in 2017. Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) is a codec that is intended to expand the frequency range for voice services and promises high-quality telephone calls. It is specified by the 3GPP and GSMA standardization bodies as the successor codec for the HD voice codec. The technology extends the speech from the previously customary 7 kHz frequency to the frequency range up to 20 kHz. Vodafone Germany introduced EVS in its LTE network in May 2016 and called the technology Crystal Clear.

The activation of Crystal Clear in the Callya tariffs is one of the measures that Vodafone is implementing with the shutdown of the 3G network announced for June 2021. This should create an incentive for 3G customers to switch to LTE.

Vodafone will switch off its UMTS network completely by summer 2021. This was announced by Guido WeiƟbrich, Head of Network Planning at Vodafone, in May 2020. Vodafone is already using two of its three UMTS blocks for LTE. In 14 months, the last block will be rededicated to 4G and 5G.

3G is now 20 years old and is rarely used. Vodafone explained that data transfer at up to 42 Mbit / s is slow and out of date. Thanks to the further developments (LTE-Advanced), up to 1 gigabit per second (GBit / s) can be implemented via LTE radio networks. In Germany, the UMTS standard uses the frequencies from 1,920 to 1,980 MHz and from 2,110 to 2,170 MHz. Vodafone currently operates 3G at 1,920 to 1,935 MHz and from 2,110 to 2,125 MHz.

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