Camera Recordings Will Be Fined During COVID-19 Inspections


According to the new circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will be effective as of Thursday, March 4, the COVID-19 measures can be fined based on camera records. Mask, distance and hygiene rules will be checked during the inspections.

The coronavirus pandemic is causing new regulations to be introduced all over the world. This pandemic, which causes new rules to come constantly in our country, in the process of normalization is controlled by strict measures. Finally, a new circular was sent from the Ministry of Interior to the governorships on COVID-19 measures. According to the new circular In COVID-19 inspections, fines can be imposed by checking the camera records. In inspections, masks, distance and hygiene rules will be examined and criminal action will be applied to people and businesses that violate the rule.

Ministry of Interior, Thursday, March 4 In the new regulation that will start, a new audit process titled mobile audit is initiated within the scope of the controlled normalization period.. With 260 thousand personnel at the first stage The inspections to be carried out will be supported by public institutions and organizations, local administrations and professional chambers, as well as law enforcement agencies. Accordingly, under the presidency of each province / district director Inspection teams to be formed with law enforcement and other public personnel, He will make regular on-site inspections every day.

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Penalties may be imposed on camera footage

According to the statement, images obtained from city security management systems and cameras can also be used within the scope of the large-scale audit. Various sanctions may be imposed when people who act contrary to the measures are detected in the camera recordings. The statement in the circular contained the following statements:

“By forming teams of food inspectors working in the provincial and district organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the food production and sales places in the province / district will be inspected in terms of compliance with the measures to combat the epidemic, the sanctions stipulated in the legislation regarding the identified issues will be applied and in case of detecting practices contrary to the measures to combat the epidemic. In accordance with the General Hygiene Law No. 1593, a notification will be made to the local authority for the imposition of sanctions.

In dynamic inspection activities, the image records obtained from the city security management systems and cameras will be utilized to the maximum extent, and sanctions may be imposed in case of detecting the implementations against the measures by examining the camera records.

In order to ensure the active participation of our citizens in dynamic audit activities, the awareness of the notification line in the Ministry of Health Hayat Eve Sığar (HEPP) application will be focused on, and the share of the number of inspections made upon the notices of the citizens in the total audits will be increased.

Thanks to the integration of the HES application and the Provincial / District Epidemic Control Center (ISDEM) software, the on-site control of the notifications that reach the audit teams instantly will be done without delay. “

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Cafes and restaurants will be followed

According to the statement made in the circular, in provinces other than the “very high” risk group, there are eating and drinking places, cafes, coffee houses, coffee shops, tea gardens, internet cafes, etc. where customers are allowed to accept 50 percent capacity limitation. Workplaces will be inspected at least once a week, whether they are in compliance with the seating plan or not, whether the distance between desks and capacity limitations are complied with.

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