Campus Networks: Federal Ministry of Finance wants higher fees for local 5G


German industry has to wait significantly longer than expected for the announced local 5G frequencies. The Federal Ministry of Finance had urged in the cabinet vote on significantly higher fees, now the process faltered, like the Handelsblatt learned from informed sources. Germany had auctioned 5G frequencies for 6.5 billion euros to network operators this year, removed some of the frequencies in the 3,700 MHz to 3,800 MHz range for local and regional use and 26 GHz from the auction, and for industry, research and agriculture reserved.

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The Federal Network Agency had provided low fees. For example, BASF would have had to pay 165,000 euros for its production facilities in Ludwigshafen over an area of ​​8.2 square kilometers. The proposal of the Ministry of Finance now provides for a fivefold increase in the payment.

The boss of the Saxon telecommunications service provider MuglerHartmut Fiedler said: "That's a disastrous signal." It was the right decision of Germany to reserve a part of the 5G frequencies for the industry. But now the Federal Government is hampering the innovative approach. "It is completely incomprehensible that we are at such little things"said Fiedler. Especially for SMEs, higher fees could be a deterrent, he warned.

"This will allow regional network operators, small and medium-sized enterprises or start-ups with a future frequency demand and communities and representatives of agriculture and forestry, the potential of the coming 5G mobile generation for business and industry applications use or improve mobile communications in rural areas". explained the Federal Network Agency.

The local network operators in the Buglas (Bundesverband Glasfaseranschluss), including M-Net, and Netcologne, want to set up their own 5G network.