Canoo MPDV multi-purpose electric delivery van for the last mile

With the MPDV, the Californian startup Canoo has presented a battery-powered delivery van that is particularly suitable for small businesses and the delivery of goods over the last mile. It is the second vehicle after a van that it wants to offer on its own platform; initially in smaller quantities in 2022 and in larger quantities in the following year.

Canoo was founded by former top managers from the German automotive industry (BMW, Opel) and started out as a supplier of EV platforms for the automotive industry in 2017 and cooperates with Hyundai.

The now planned electric delivery van should be available from 33,000 US dollars and initially in two versions. The MPDV1 should have a loading volume of 6.5 m3 have batteries with a capacity of 40, 60 or 80 kWh, with a maximum range of 370 km, and with an engine output of almost 150 kW. The MPDV2 version should have a loading volume of 14 m3 also be available in three different battery versions with a maximum range of 400 km and also bring it to 150 kW. An even larger MPDV3 than an electric truck is already planned.

(Image: Canoo

MPDV1 and MPDV2 will initially hit the US market. Canoo is targeting Canada, Mexico and Europe as additional markets.

Canoos Van.

(Image: Canoo)

In September 2019, Canoo presented an electric minivan that is due to hit the market next year. The platform developed by Canoo itself and known as the “Skateboard” is used. As with delivery vans, it should help create the largest possible interior space.


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