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  • Capital increase by 195,000 shares at a price of 26.25 per share
  • Maschmeyer’s investment company Paladin is investing 5.2 million euros in B2B FinTech aifinyo and has a stake of over 5% in the company.
  • B2B FinTech uses gross issue proceeds of EUR 5.2 million to finance growth

Capital increase by shares: gross issue proceeds are used to finance growth

Aifinyo AG has fully placed the announced capital increase of 195,000 shares. The new no-par value bearer shares were acquired by Paladin Asset Management GmbH at a price of EUR 26.25. The Hannover-based asset management company has thus acquired a 5.35% stake in the B2B FinTech aifinyo. The gross issue proceeds of EUR 5,118,750 will be used to finance growth.

As a result of the transaction, aifinyo increased the share capital from EUR 3,446,819 by EUR 195,000 to EUR 3,641,819.

About aifinyo

aifinyo is the reliable smart finance partner for all growth companies, freelancers and founders who need quick and uncomplicated liquidity. To this end, the tech company operates a digital platform for intelligent financing solutions in the areas of factoring, finetrading, leasing and receivables management. In this way, aifinyo specifically supports entrepreneurs in all phases of growing and becoming successful.

Capital increase shares
aifinyo board. Image: aifinyo AG

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