Car Sales in Turkey, at Record Levels Increased in March


According to the data shared by the Automotive Distributors Association, while light commercial vehicle sales broke a record in March; Automobile sales also almost doubled compared to the previous year.

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD)shared the data of car and light commercial vehicle sales for March as we entered April. According to the data shared by ODD, in the first quarter of 2021, the highest first quarter sales figure while reaching; March 2021 was the month of March when light commercial sales were the highest so far.

According to shared data, the automobile market in March 91.4 percent; light commercial vehicle market 98.3 percent while the total growth in the automobile and light commercial vehicle market 92.8 percent happened. Automobile sales in March 2021 76.357 pieces while being; light commercial vehicle sales 20,071 units he saw.

Sales are expected to decrease in April

ODD rapor

When we look at the data of the first quarter of 2021, which includes the months of January, February and March, the automobile and light commercial vehicle market 59.7 percent growing and total sales 198,660 units we see it arrive. In that period 57 percent Increasing automobile sales, 156.464 pieces while going into the records as; 70.3 percent in the light commercial market 42,196 pieces the vehicle is sold.

10-year average


‘Install’ Hike for Zero Cars on the Road (Prices Began To Increase In Second Hand Also)

According to the information shared by ODD, the news that the exchange rate increase in March and the interest rates may increase is the most important factor behind the increase in demand. As of April, the increase in exchange rate is expected to reflect on prices, and consequently, the sales momentum will change downward. Of ODD “2021 March Automobile and Light Commercial Vehicle Market Evaluation” to report here You can reach by clicking.