Cardiologists: Apple Watch recorded cardiac circulatory disorder


The Apple Watch may be useful for diagnosing cardiac circulatory disorders. A team of cardiologists from the University Clinic Mainz reports on an 80-year-old patient who presented with typical symptoms of coronary heart disease in the breast pain unit of the clinic. A 12-lead ECG created on site and a blood test were normal.

However, the ECG recordings previously made by the patient herself using the smartwatch had shown "pronounced reductions in the so-called ST segment" and thus provided information on a severe cardiac circulatory disorder, explain the doctors in the journal European Heart Journal.

A cardiac catheter then confirmed the acute heart disease, "which could easily have led to a heart attack". The "almost closed coronary arteries of the patient were stretched with a balloon and supplied with stents", the elderly woman was released two days later, according to a message from the Mainz University Medical Center. It is probably the first case in which a cardiac circulatory disorder could be diagnosed with the EKG app. The cardiologists conclude that the possibility of grasping something like this on the wrist could help to prevent heart attacks – especially since it was easy for the elderly woman to operate.

Apple introduced the EKG app with the Series 4 of the Apple Watch, and it has also been available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries for a year. The watch has an electrical sensor on the underside of the case as well as a new electrode integrated into the outside of the crown – a 30-second 1-lead ECG can be made at any time and saved as a PDF.

EKG on the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple's ECG app is currently only designed to detect the cardiac arrhythmia. So far, Apple has explicitly warned that the watch cannot detect heart attacks – if you experience chest pain, you should contact the emergency services.


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