Cardsharing: Police confiscate streaming technology | heise online

The police in Leverkusen confiscated extensive technical equipment that was apparently used to reproduce and redistribute a pay-TV station. The background is an investigation into suspected computer fraud against two 50 and 53-year-old men, whose apartments and a shop were searched on Tuesday.

The men are suspected of having illegally copied and sold the television signal from a pay station. To what extent this has happened is still the subject of the investigation, the authority announced on Wednesday. The evaluation of the confiscated items is still ongoing.

According to the information, the officers confiscated around 60 devices, including encoders and TV receivers and 20 smart cards. There are also several routers, computers and various external hard drives. The suspects had installed the devices in the basement and partly under the roof of a house.

On the photos released by the police Among other things, an IPTV encoder from Digicast can be recognized, with which 16 HDMI streams can be encoded in parallel in H.265. The device is available on the Chinese trading platform Alibaba for around 2600 US dollars. Numerous digital receivers can be seen above that apparently deliver the HDMI signal.

In October last year, investigators searched several properties in Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Several suspects are said to have illegally sold decrypted pay-TV licenses to several hundred customers in Germany and Europe. The damage caused by so-called card sharing is said to be in the millions.


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