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We Are Living in The Future

 We live in a very lucky era. 10 years ago, we could not even imagine this technology that we were using. Computers, internet, mobile phones are now indispensable parts of our lives. We do not even know about some advanced technologies because we do not have much in our lives right now. We mean that actually, […]

Generation Responsible for Selfishness: Baby Boomers

It is claimed that the most characteristic features of the members of “Baby Boomer”, age 50 – 70, are selfishness and lack of empathy, and it is pointed out that this generation leaves a terrible world to future generations. Let’s examine this thesis closely and take a look at the striking fixtures. Let’s start by […]

Pro Photographer with a Cheap Camera Challenge

One of the most frequently asked questions of professional photographers can be the model of the camera they use. But do you think it is hidden in the gear? Whether you are a professional photographer or not, everyone has something to say about the subject. These discussions are of course inevitable, even with the advanced […]

App For Cleaning Make-up

MAKEAPP is an artificial intelligence-based make-up application that allows you to make-up if you want to, digitally cleanse your make-up in your face and reveal how you will look without makeup. From this practice, world famous beauties appeared without makeup. Download MAKEAPP for iOS, Android 1. Emilia Clarke 2. Emma Watson 3. Selena Gomez 4. […]