CBD Oil Capsules

Cannabidiol (CBD) is available in various forms. CBD oil capsules are often chosen for their taste neutrality. In addition, it is easier to take with capsules. We inform about the effects and applications of CBD oil capsules. We also give tips for buying CBD.

CBD oil capsulesShort information: What is CBD?

Just for brevity: CBD is one of the more than sixty cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant. The best known cannabinoids are THC and CBD, with CBD showing no psychoactive effect. CBD products contain either no or only a small amount of THC. An intoxicating effect does not need to be feared. CBD oil capsules have many beneficial effects and can be used for various ailments and diseases.


There are different manufacturing methods for CBD oil capsules. Very high quality capsules are made using the first two methods:

Production of CBD oil capsules with CO2 extraction

Each substance can be transformed into a gaseous or liquid state by means of certain temperatures and pressure. The name for this condition is called “supercritical”. The plant parts which are rich in CBD are brought into this state in solution and under pressure at a certain temperature. By means of CO2 the extraction of cannabidiol (CBDs) is possible. Now you enrich the CBD with olive oil or hemp seed oil and fill it in capsules.

CBD oil capsules made with this method are usually slightly more expensive. The reason for this is the high cost of this manufacturing method. But you get very high quality CBD oil capsules. One of the best CBD oil capsule shops that sells capsules made by this method is Nordic Oil . We recommend.

Production of CBD oil capsules by extraction with alcohol

Also in this method, the CBD is extracted from plant parts of the hemp plant. In alcohol solutions, CBD can be triggered very easily: The plant parts remain in an alcohol solution for a certain time and then become saturated with this solution. Upon heating, the alcohol evaporates and the cannabidiol remains. Before capsules are filled with CBD, the cannabidiol is enriched with vegetable oil.

Also with this manufacturing process, CBD oil capsules are obtained with high quality.

Production of CBD oil capsules by extraction with carrier oil

This procedure is rarely used because the CBD concentration in the capsules is very low. Here you put the plant parts in oil. Due to the liposoluble property of CBD the cannibidiol is dissolved out. The CBD is directly mixed with vegetable oil in this case. However, capsules made in this way are less recommended because they have a low concentration of CBD.

CBD Oil Capsules Effect

Because CBD oil capsules contain cannabidiol, the spectrum of action of CBD is unchanged. For example, CBD has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and anti-depression and stress-reducing effects. Below are some of the many uses of CBD.

CBD oil capsules have advantages and disadvantages when compared to CBD oil:

Benefits of CBD oil capsules

  • While CBD oil tastes bitter, CBD oil capsules have a neutral taste.
  • The dosage of the capsules is easier than that of the oil.
  • The range of action of CBD oil capsules is very large, so they can be applied to many ailments and diseases.

Disadvantages of CBD oil capsules

  • The effect of CBD is slower with the capsules than with the oil. The reason: CBD oil is dripped under the tongue. As a result, the active ingredients are absorbed through the oral mucosa, resulting in a faster effect. The capsules are swallowed and absorbed through the mucous membrane of the stomach. Therefore, it takes a little longer until the effect of cannabidiol begins.
  • CBD oil capsules can be purchased in different concentrations, so that a different dosage is possible. However, CBD oil can be dosed individually.
  • With carrier oil production processes, the CBD concentration is lower and too low for many people.

CBD Oil Applications

As mentioned above, while the CBD oil capsule has a slightly slower action time, the CBD contained in the capsules has the same effect as the CBD oil: it stimulates the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the human body. CBD oil capsules can be taken, among other things, in the following complaints and diseases:

  • Chronic pain
  • depressions
  • anxiety disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • Inner restlessness and nervousness
  • fibromyalgia
  • Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Headache and migraine
  • And more applications

Ingestion and dosage

Basically, you should start with a small dose when taking CBD at the beginning. Cannabidiol has no side effects when dosed correctly. If the dosage is too high, short-term side effects such as tiredness, dizziness or diarrhea may occur. When taking CBD oil capsules, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. Initially, CBD oil capsules with low CBD concentration should be chosen.
  2. In the first week you start with one capsule per day.
  3. If this dosage is well tolerated, it is increased to two capsules daily.
For dosage, always read the package leaflet. There, the manufacturers give dosage recommendations. The maximum dosage per day should not be exceeded.

The CBD oil capsules are taken with a glass of water.

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