Change in the Number of Covid-19 Cases from March to Present


Istanbul University Faculty of Economics has prepared a video showing the change in the number of Covid-19 cases from March 1, 2020, with the data of COVID-19 virus spread in the world.

Emerging in China at the end of last year and affecting the whole world in a short time new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreakcontinues to spread unabated. While news of vaccines continues to come from different companies, the number of virus cases recorded worldwide so far has reached 81 million.

Istanbul University Faculty of Economics has prepared a bar graph race by gathering data on COVID-19 virus spread worldwide. Prepared video, 1 March 2020 to 26 December 2020 reveals the increase in the number of cases in countries between the dates

Video showing the change in the number of Covid-19 cases since March 1, 2020:

Total reported to date as of 27 December 2020 80 million 944 thousand 168 There is a coronavirus case. Of these cases 58 million 895 thousand 458 while closing due to death or recovery, still ongoing 22 million 48 thousand 710 there is an active case. It is reported that 99.5% of ongoing cases survive the virus slightly, and 0.5% of them are in severe condition.

If we look at the coronavirus table of the countries, it is in the first place, which has reported 19 million 461 thousand 544 cases to date. America Unified States takes place. Immediately after 10 million 206 thousand 901 cases India and in third place with 7 million 466 thousand 189 cases Brazil has. Reporting 2 million 147 thousand 578 coronavirus cases to date Turkey has the # 7.


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The Ministry of Health, which announced the daily coronavirus table in the evening, in our country today. 14 bin 205 reported that a new case was detected. Number of deaths 254 as explained as 21 bin 196 It seems that the citizens regain their health.