Change of Volkswagen Passat from Past to Present


We talked about the change and history of Passat, the sales champion of the D segment, the favorite of automobile lovers in our country, and an indispensable part of Volkswagen.

Passat, one of Volkswagen’s most important models, continues to be the favorite of automobile lovers with its 8 generations since 1973.

One of the world’s largest auto shows in 2015 Passat, which won the “Car of the Year” award for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, Let’s take a closer look at its history.

Passat models from yesterday to today

First generation Passat: Passat B1

Volkswagen Passat B1

With a little time left to enter the last quarter of the 20th century, the German giant Volkswagen was in search. D segment vehicles were the most preferred vehicles of that period in the automobile industry. Those who want to turn this situation in their favor Volkswagen launched the first generation Passat in 1973.

Audi’s legendary sedan model, the Audi 80, which was the equivalent and rival of the Passat B1 in the 70s, was highly appreciated by the car lovers. Despite having such a strong competitor, Volkswagen managed to sell the Passat B1 in large numbers.

Prior to the first generation Passat, it was offered with four-cylinder 1.3-liter 55 horsepower and 1.5-liter 75-85 horsepower gasoline engines. In 1975, the 1.5-liter engine was replaced by the 1.6-liter engine, and in 78 a 50-horsepower diesel was introduced for the first time. In 1976, an injection version of the 1.6-liter engine was added to the product range. Passat B1 model, which has four-speed manual and three-speed automatic transmission options, used a McPherson suspension system at the front and a rear axle suspension system.

Passat is now wider: Passat B2

Past B2

The second version Passat, released in 1981, compared to the first version It was wider and 20 inches longer. Thus, the Passat literally earned the title of large family vehicle from now on. The most distinctive feature, the rectangular headlights, was one of the details that made this version of the Passat nostalgic.

Volkswagen brought new variants to the Passat with the 2nd generation. The Passat was now available in both sedan, hatchack and station wagon options. Passat B2 in 1986 taking a little make up continued on his way. With this makeover, all Passat models had the same front.

Compared to the first generation, engine options were more. In addition to the 5-cylinder 2.0-liter gasoline, 1.9-liter gasoline and diesel engine, all engine options from the previous generation were also available in the product range.. The 2.0-liter GLS had 115 horsepower and Volkswagen’s 4-wheel drive system “syncro” was powered.

Izgarasız Passat: Passat B3

3.nesil Passat, Passat B3

Third generation Passat; It debuted in Europe in 1988, North America in 1990, and South America in 1995. Its rounded lines were revolutionary compared to its boxy counterparts. Although the lack of a radiator in the front reminds us of rear-engined models such as the Volkswagen Type4, which was neglected in the past, this was actually due to the modern stance brought by the generation.

Past B3’ü The most important feature that distinguishes it from previous generations was undoubtedly its advanced technology. Past B3; halogen headlights, automatic air conditioning, child lock in the rear doors, seat heating, cruise control, driver and passenger airbag, electronic differential lock and ABS It had features that could be found in very few of the cars released in 1988.

İlk TDI engine Passat: Passat B4

Volkswagen Passat B4

The 4th generation Passat was very similar to the 3rd generation in terms of exterior design. However, the entire design of the Passat B4 was new, except for the windows. The biggest innovation was the return of the grille, as in all other Volkswagen models.

One of the world’s first mass-produced turbo diesel engines Passat B4 with TDI engine Volkswagen has strived for high performance and efficiency. Passat B4’s fuel consumption value is 5.2lt/100 km, working with an engine that produces 90 HP and 210 Nm of torque.

Bestseller of the series: Legendary Passat B5

Past B5

We can easily say that the Passat B5 is very valuable for the Passat family. Even while you are reading this article, it is possible to see a 5th generation Passat around you. Because the Passat B5 is one of Passat’s best-selling generations.

In 1996, it marked the beginning of a new era with a brand new design and technique, and inspired the next generation of Volkswagens. As in its counterparts without angular design, on the contrary, with rounded lines Passat B5 has made itself a remarkable model with this difference.

The interior, which does not look like luxury cars, is undoubtedly; the result of crowning quality materials with highly professional craftsmanship. Despite all this, the Passat B5 was made up in 2001 and was named Passat B5.5. Passat B5.5 has managed to make a name for itself with its 4.0 liter eight-cylinder engine and rich equipment options.

Robust generation: Passat B6

6th generation Volkswagen Passat

Passat’s 6th generation met with automobile lovers in 2003 and its production continued until 2011. It goes without saying that this model, which has been produced for 8 years, is loved by its users.

Passat B6 compared to previous generations 85 kilograms lighter it gained a more aerodynamic structure; the new generation engines provided 20% more fuel savings. Volkswagen’s 4×4 traction system that distributes power equally and dynamically to every point 4MOTION The dual-clutch DSG transmission, which provides low fuel consumption as well as high performance, is among the remarkable technical features of the car.

At the same time, the Passat B6 is Europe’s toughest endurance test. Receiving full points from Euro NCAP, it also relieved its users in terms of security.

Passat B7 with powerful engine options

Volkswagen passat

produced between 2010-2014. Past B7Although it used the infrastructure of the 6th generation Passat in the exterior design, it It gained a completely different car look with its innovative touches.

With 122, 160, 211 hp petrol and 105, 140, 170 hp diesel options, the 7th generation Passat was one of the performance vehicles in its segment at that time.

The sharpest lined Passat: Passat B8

Volkswagen Passat B8

The German giant Volkswagen continues to produce the B8, the 8th generation of the Passat, currently. Both the design innovations and technical developments of this version, which was produced in 2014, made a lot of noise and were liked by car lovers.

Taking on the role of an executive class vehicle along with its family vehicle role, the Passat offers its users a luxury vehicle with advanced technologies such as Semi-Automatic Parking System, Emergency Driving Assistant that takes over control in case the driver experiences medical problems, Autonomous Cruise control system and Collision prevention system with pedestrian monitoring feature. It aims to give you the feeling that you are driving.

In exterior design, it has sharper lines than other generations. Passat B8’inDetails such as chrome moldings on the grilles and under the doors, LED headlights and rectangular fog lights give this car a stylish appearance.

Currently, it is sold in our country with 1.5 liter petrol 150 hp, 1.6 liter diesel 120 hp, 2.0 liter diesel 150 hp and 2.0 liter diesel 240 hp options. The current prices of the 8th generation Passat are as follows:

  • Passat 1.5 TSI ACT 150 PS DSG Impression 373.000 TL
  • Passat 1.5 TSI ACT 150 PS DSG Business 424.300 TL
  • Passat 1.5 TSI ACT 150 PS DSG Elegance 512.000 TL
  • Passat 1.6 TDI SCR 120 PS DSG Impression 348.600 TL
  • Passat 1.6 TDI SCR 120 PS DSG Business 456.700 TL
  • Passat 1.6 TDI SCR 120 PS DSG Elegance 554.400 TL
  • Passat 2.0 TDI SCR 150 PS DSG Business 644.100 TL
  • Passat 2.0 TDI SCR 150 PS DSG Elegance 773.400 TL
  • Passat 2.0 TDI SCR 240 PS 4M DSG Elegance 878.900 TL