Charging cables and microwaves: Risk of fire with Amazon Basics products


As an online department store, Amazon offers its own products as part of the Amazon Basics product range. These include charging cables, power strips and microwaves. Like extensive research by CNN has shown, there are always fires or explosions with Amazon Basics products. Only some of the affected products have since been removed from the range by Amazon.

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According to CNN, it has examined more than 1,500 customer reviews of Amazon Basics products. For more than 70 products, buyers complained that they started fires or exploded. CNN declined into the year 2016. Some of the affected products are no longer sold.

But customers continue to complain from around 30 products that they pose a fire hazard. There was a demand from customers to carry out a product recall without Amazon following it.

Amazon customers have documented incidents

Some of these products were withdrawn from the Amazon website after it was made aware of them, according to CNN. Eight such products are still offered. Some product reviews have uploaded photos showing how the products have overheated or what damage they have caused.

In one case, a defective USB cable set a desk chair on fire. Since this happened when the client was sleeping in it, he had to be taken to hospital with burns. In another case, an Amazon microwave caught fire when an eight-year-old tried to warm up food in it. In another case, a power strip with only one device connected to it caught fire.

With a Blog posting has responded to the allegations. However, this does not go into the specific allegations. Amazon only describes which security measures the manufacturer claims to take to avoid such incidents. CNN’s accounts, however, suggest that these measures are not always successful. According to Amazon, there have only been two recalls of Amazon basics products so far.

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