Charlie Bit My Finger Video Sold By NFT


The Charlie Bit My Finger video, which was uploaded to YouTube in 2007 and has received more than 882 million views since then, was sold using NFT. The video was paid over 760 thousand dollars.

There are many viral videos on the internet. One of the oldest of these videos is “Charlie Bit My Finger” It was a video called (Charlie bit my finger) featuring two brothers. Video released with NFT 760 thousand dollars found a buyer for a price above.

The video shows the two brothers playing on a sofa. 3 years old at that time Harry Davies-Carr, jokingly put your finger on a 1 year old Charlie Davies-Carr‘s mouth. Then his famous quote “Charlie bit me! / Charlie bit me“He was making the sentence.

It had passed 882 million views:


In 2007 Uploaded to YouTube The total number of views of the video exceeded 882 million. The family, who sold the video with NFT, said that they would remove the video from the internet after the sale was completed. The auction ended today.

Previously, various content producers That they sell through NFT we have seen Popular videos and visuals such as Leave Britney Alone, David After Dentist and Disaster Girl found buyers as Nyan Cat NFT and were sold for serious money.


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Harry, one of the names in the video, for his family’s NFT sale Original Protocol He said he is working with a digital marketplace named. He cited the reason for this as the platform gave them the opportunity to make a customized auction. The auction was held on

Owners of the video will be able to shoot their own version



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Winners of the auction according to the author on the site, Harry ve Charlie will also have the opportunity to shoot their own parody versions. Let us remind you that today Harry is 17 years old and Charlie is 15 years old.

Father of children Howard Davies-CarrHe said that thanks to the YouTube partnership, the money they earn from the video helps their children get a head start in life. They will also remove the video after the auction ends, as they promised. The family will donate some of the money earned from the auction to environmental studies.

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