Cheat Series Final Season Trailer Released


Hile, which started broadcasting on YouTube in 2017, will say goodbye to the final season which will be published next month. In the last season, we will see many internet phenomena as guest players, and the trailer of the series was published recently.

Hile, one of the most talked about internet series of recent years, was launched in 2017. Movies and Films It was created by the team and had so far published two seasons. Throughout its adventure that has been going on for almost two years, the series has won many awards at festivals held in different cities such as Miami, Seoul and Copenhagen. Oscar nominee even as shown.

Hile recently shared a third season poster, representing our country successfully in the international arena, but unfortunately this year will end the adventure and will be published next month last season will make the final. The YouTube channel, Films and Films, the broadcasting address of the series, took about three minutes of the breathtaking final season, which was completed in recent months. fragment published.

Cheat Final Season Trailer:

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Felix, who works for a cyber security firm and does game programming in his spare time mysterious software The story, which begins with the submission and deals with many different topics from science fiction to action, seems to result in this season if we look at the published trailer.

Another point that attracts attention in the trailer in the final season of the series internet phenomena It was. Twitch publishers such as Tuna Aksen (PintiPanda), Kemal Can Parlak (Self-Musician) and Ferit Karakaya (wtcN) will take part in the last season of the series. In addition, it is noted that Harun Can, the voice actor who participated in the series in the second season, was also included in the trailer.


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The series will continue the adventure once again, December 9, 2019 will be published on the last season. The broadcast address of the series is Films and Films which is also in the previous chapters. Youtube channel it will be. Last but not least, you can find past episodes of this series through this channel.