Checking in without a smartphone – Luca key rings are in great demand despite warnings

In Lübeck, Sylt and other communities in Schleswig-Holstein, the Luca app for contact tracking has also been available as a key ring for a few weeks. This enables people to store their contact details in shops, theaters or other places without a smartphone. The city of Lübeck had already received more than 4,000 orders for the trailers within a few days, said a spokeswoman for the city.

The islands of Sylt, Föhr and Amrum also offer their guests not only the Corona app but also the key fob as an analog variant. “The offer is well received, in the past two weeks we have already given out around 500 of the trailers,” said Amrum’s head of tourism, Frank Timpe. On Sylt and Föhr, too, the demand for information from the local tourism organizations is on a similar scale.

While users with the Luca app scan a QR code posted there when they enter a shop, restaurant or event and thus document their presence, the QR code shown on the analog key fob is scanned in. When tracing infections, the code can be assigned to the serial number of the trailer, which the health authorities ask the user.

The Luca supporters also want to give out the places on the Bay of Lübeck to their guests. “We are a tourist model region in which electronic contact tracking is mandatory,” said the press spokeswoman for the Lübeck Bay Tourism Agency (TALB), Doris Wilmer-Huperz.

The Independent State Center for Data Protection, on the other hand, has concerns about the Luca app. “In the last few days there have been reports of weaknesses in the Luca app and the Luca key chain,” said the state data protection officer, Marit Hansen. “At the moment I advise against using it,” she said.


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