Chef Infra Client 17 paves the way for Policy as Code


The Progress company Chef Software has presented an update to its configuration management software: Chef Infra Client 17 is intended to combine infrastructure management and compliance in order to pave the way from classic Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to Policy as Code (PaC). The release also integrates the Chef Infra Client Compliance phase, which replaces the previous Audit Cookbook.

Since the takeover by Progress in autumn 2020, Chef Software has been trying to fundamentally restructure its application portfolio with the aim of consolidating and integrating individual tools. With the approval of Chef Infra Client 17, a common framework is now to be created for all infrastructure teams in a company, which brings IaC and compliance code together in a pipeline or a development process. Compliance and audit reporting can be carried out and implemented in the Chef Infra Client via the InSpec engine. From the infrastructure and compliance policy (Chef Workstation) to its implementation (Chef Infra Client) and monitoring with Chef Automate, this creates a continuous workflow in the sense of a PaC approach.

End-to-end workflow from policy (Chef Workstation) through implementation (Chef Infra Client) to control (Chef Automate).

(Image: Chef Software)

In order to be able to guarantee the correctness and security of the code written by users, Chef has further optimized the three important test tools of its platform – Chef Cookstyle, Test Kitchen and Chef InSpec. Cookstyle now provides around 40 new cops who, among other things, help to automatically improve the readability of the code, reduce errors, adopt new and improved patterns and take into account any deprecations that may occur when the Chef Infra Client is upgraded.

Test Kitchen for executing and validating the infrastructure code can now be used on more platforms (cloud and hypervisor) and allows more stable parallel processing of tests. In addition, Test Kitchen now uses the same language as InSpec, so both infrastructure and compliance testing tools can be combined in the same process.

A complete overview offer the release notes for Chef Infra Client 17 as the blog post about the new version.


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