Chief Operating Officer: Another arrest warrant in the Wirecard accounting scandal

There is a second arrest warrant in the financial services provider Wirecard’s scandal. As the Handelsblatt reports, the Munich public prosecutor’s office also received an arrest warrant against longtime chief operating officer Jan Marsalek. The Austrian was released from his duties last Thursday and then dismissed without notice on Monday.

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Like the resigned and meanwhile arrested CEO Markus Braun, Marsalek is also suspected of having increased Wirecard’s total assets and sales volume through false earnings. At the center of the investigation are alleged bank balances on trust accounts with two Philippine banks in the amount of over 1.9 billion euros. There was a high probability that these credits would not exist, Wirecard had said on Monday.

Where the manager Marsalek wanted with the arrest warrant is currently located has not been finally clarified. However, he is very likely to be in the Philippine capital Manila, reportedly from his extended environment. Upon request, the Philippine Justice Minister said the immigration database only indicates that Marsalek traveled to the Philippines on March 3 and left on March 5. However, there is evidence that Marsalek recently returned to the Philippines and could still be in the country. He had ordered an investigation.

Marsalek is said to be seeking information in the Philippines that will help clarify the case. Marsalek also intends to face the proceedings in this country. He was not on the run and there was contact with the public prosecutor through his defense lawyer. Neither Marsalek’s defense lawyers nor the prosecutor’s office wanted to comment on the request of the Handelsblatt.

Wirecard offers credit checks for travel bookings and other payment services, including the Boon app based on a digital prepaid Mastercard for payment using NFC technology. With the Boon Planet app it is also possible to open a current account. Wirecard provides various payment methods for online shops.

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