Children of Low-Grade Children in China Will not Read!

The Social Credit System, which China plans to pass by 2020, will affect the children going to schools with bad grades.

China, which announced that it will pass the social credit system by 2020 in the past few years, people will not be allowed to take train and plane tickets. China will provide the social credit system to populate all areas of life. The strange idea now is the cinsten who will take the candle to the other.


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1.4 billion people in China are expected to score social credit grades by 2020 and receive some status accordingly. Face recognition technologies, intelligent glasses, artificial intelligence and all other technologies will be used to determine these scores. This idea, which emerges with targets such as reducing the crime rate and providing the order, can not be avoided after a while, as the nationwide population increase can not be prevented in any way.


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As a matter of fact, the children of parents whose scores do not exceed a certain level by 2020 will not be registered in certain schools. Since the children are not yet a minor, their scores will not be a cause. China says that the general idea of ​​equality of opportunity in education will stand behind this practice, which will almost extinguish it. It is unthinkable how 1.4 billion people will be graded individually, how well it will be an edge, and the future of children with their parents' scores. Let's see what the future of this idea will be in the future