China Becomes New Superpower in Cross-Border Data Flow


According to a new report published, China has become the world’s new superpower, outpacing the United States in cross-border data flow. The report says China currently accounts for 23% of cross-border data flows, doubling the US.

19 years ago, in 2001, the USA, in cross border data flows it was the dominant country. Back then, it was the early days of the internet boom, and the US was the country where tech companies and tech-savvy consumers were most concentrated.

As you can imagine, the global data order is changing rapidly and naturally the roles of countries are also changing. In a new report published, China’s cross-border data streams super power of the world It is mentioned that he came to the position.

China has become the new superpower in cross-border data flow:

Cross-border data stream rankings 2019

2019 Cross Border Data Flow Ranking

According to the published report, China is currently the 23% which is almost twice that of the USA, which is in second place with 12%. Moreover, the internet, which spread to the world in the past, is nowadays in many countries. to “splinternet” (divided internet) China’s leadership may turn into a dominant advantage as it transforms: a mosaic of balkanized information networks drawn along national borders.

A Nikkei survey from the International Telecommunications Union and the US research firm TeleGeography containing information on cross-border data flows, including Hong Kong in 2019 China’s cross-border data flowsshowed that it is far more than the other 10 countries and regions studied.

Changes in cross-border data flow

Changes in Cross Border Data Flow by Years

The source of Beijing’s strength lies in its connections with the rest of Asia. ABDAccounted for 45% of data streams entering and leaving China in 2001, this figure is we passed year It dropped to 25%. At this point, Asian countries now account for more than half of the total, specifically Vietnam at 17% and Singapore at 15%.

To encourage private sector technology companies such as Beijing, Alibaba Group Holding, and Tencent Holdings to expand abroad One Belt, One Road “ used the infrastructure project. Alipay mobile payment platform of Alibaba’s financial payment company Ant Group is available in more than 55 countries and 1,3 billion used by people.

What does it mean?

Split internet

For future economic competitiveness as China becomes a global data superpower thigh invaluable will control a large amount of resources. Data from foreign sources can provide an advantage in the development of artificial intelligence and information technologies. Moreover, China may be the country benefiting the most from the divided internet.

Fragments in the global data flow also affect the information sharing over the internet. For example, more than 50 million programmers from around the world to collaborate in activities such as writing code GitHub platform, which enables countless technological advances. But Chinese engineers are now using a separate Chinese platform, according to Charlie Dai of US research firm Forrester. Some users worried that tensions between China and the US could affect access to Microsoft’s GitHub instead Gitee began to move to a similar Chinese platform named.


What would have happened if computers hadn’t improved further?

In other words, the divided internet means that countries that can collect large amounts of data within their borders will have an advantage in developing artificial intelligence and other technologies. More than 900 million It should also be noted that there is no country larger than China with users.

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