China Demands U.S. Sanctions to Withdraw

The tension between the USA and China continues. While the U.S.’s decisions put Chinese companies in trouble, China demands that the US sanctions be withdrawn.

China recently applied to Chinese companies in a worsening conflict with Washington on technology, security and human rights. export sanctions He demanded his withdrawal.

The ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that the U.S.’s decision violated the basic norms of international relations and harmed China’s interests. “We urge the USA to correct its mistakes, to cancel the decision and stop interfering with China’s internal affairs.”‘ said.

US embargo continues:

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The technology giant company that the USA sees as a threat and prohibits its sale in its country Huaweiis not the only company mentioned in this campaign. Video security products supplier Hikvision Digital Technology is included in this embargo. China’s about this retaliation No explanation was made as to whether or not he would.

Another explanation came from CloudWalk Technology, a technology supplier and developing facial recognition systems. CloudWalk Technology said that the ‘unfair treatment’ would harm US companies and global development.

China’s emerging technology industries; developing its own processors, software and other products, but for the production processes of smartphones and other devices From USA, Europe and Japan they need manufacturers. China, which also needs the technologies of the countries mentioned in the production process from time to time, thinks that these embargoes have a negative effect on their development.

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Accused of human rights violations Aksu Huafu Textiles a statement, the United States ‘blatantly neglected the facts’, and the company added that it can easily replace any US-made material with a Chinese source.


Tension Between USA and Huawei Also Affects Apple

Beijing’s ambitiousness in the technology industry has caused Donald Trump to raise taxes on Chinese imports in 2018. The process on a global commercial warfare path, signed in January ceasefire It was somewhat focused. Trump also said that if China does not export more, it will withdraw from the agreement. When we look at the current situation of the countries, the tension we can say that you have not changed much.

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